Can't Keep the Carpet Clean?

Pets, kids, pine needles and sand make for a constant battle to keep the floors clean. You aren't alone... this is the #1 request from our remodel clients so we have invested our time to determine which products will give you the best results. 

Spend more time relaxing and less time cleaning! Many of our customers do away with as much carpet as possible especially in high traffic areas.  We can help determine the best footprint for your new flooring given limitations due to slide out designs. 

Luxury Vinyl Tile comes in many shapes, sizes, colors, designs and patterns to give you the look you want with the ease and protection you deserve. We can even grout most tiles for a ceramic appearance.  

If you don't find a look you like at our office, you are welcome to select from a complete showroom at Master's Wholesale and we can coordinate the delivery with your installation!