Want Newer or Just Fun Toys?

  • We can install flatscreen TVs and more to bring your coach up-to-date!
  • Go HD with a new Smart TV, Satellite  System and Digital Antenna.
  • Get rid of the B/W back up camera and see all views in color on a 7" or 9" screen.
  • Don't miss a beat with satellite radio or trade in your dash radio to include navigation and bluetooth on a touchscreen.
  • Still have a VCR or DVD player? We can bring you into Blu-ray HD.
  • Impress your campsite friends with an outdoor entertainment center or simply a multi-color LED porchlight radio you control with your smartphone.
  • Add LED Awning Lights or Ground Effects!

Need some more umph for added power consumption?  We can configure a system to meet your new needs - solar, inverter charger, or battery banks.